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Safety is our key word. This mentality applies at every stage, from the assessment of a new purification request to the production, packaging and delivery of our products. Our goal is to put the highest standards into practice in our facilities, as well as those of our subcontractors and customers, and to promote a safety culture.

Our experts, working in collaboration with your technical departments, will carefully examine all the prerequisites needed to ensure total control over operations (REACH, SDS, corrosion and thermal stability tests, INERIS toxicological index, explosivity, atmospheric dispersion, ICPE* (registered facility for environmental protection) classification, ADR transport, PPE, etc.). After testing in Kilo Labs and/or pilot units, operations are carried out by highly skilled staff. They have received training and coaching on chemicals handling in optimized facilities. Our facilities are permanently maintained and fitted to the most difficult products. A large portion of logistics is handled by our Speichim fleet of ISO containers and are overseen by our hazardous materials transportation safety adviser.

Our company is deeply committed to promoting safety. At the industrial level (France Chimie, SYRES, ESRG), we – together with 18 other chemicals companies – took part in assessing earthquake regulations in France. Internally, Speichim has implemented multiyear programs to cultivate and enhance safety (such as the Evonik program). Speichim offers particularly to its customers a support by replacing their most toxic solvents (Substisolve program).

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